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CC DALI Dimmable

DALI Dimmable CC


Constant Current DALI Dimmable LED drivers

We offer an extensive range of DALI Dimmable LED drivers using the DALI bus-mastering protocol for intelligent lighting control. LED drivers match traditional dimmable ballast gear used for fluorescent lighting & follow the IEC62386/IEC60929 standard. Available in both constant voltage and constant current output modes a wide range of features include

  • AC mains input voltage
  • Wide range of power ratings
  • Fixed and adjustable constant current output
  • DALI DT8 dual channel for colour tuning
  • International safety approvals

RF Receiver Drivers

DALI CC Adjustable dimmable drivers 1W to 36W

The Ltech U1P2 range of DALI LED drivers feature 6-in-1 dmming with adjustable constant current output and feature:

  • Wide AC mains input 100-277Vac
  • Range of power ratings 1W to 36W
  • Constant Current selection from 100mA ~ 1200mA
  • DALI, 0-10V, (1-10V/PWM/RX), Push Dimming
  • Short circuit / Over-heat / Over load protection
  • Non-load protection, auto recovery

DALI-50-500-1750 50W CC Adjustable dimmable driver

The Ltech DALI-50-500-1750-F1P1 LED driver features adjustable constant current output with DALI input and feature:

  • AC mains input 110~240vac
  • Power rating 50W
  • Constant Current range from 500mA ~ 1750mA
  • Push dimming function
  •  Short circuit / Over-heat / Over load protection
  • Non-load protection

Emergency Lighting

LED Driver IC's


DALI-50W CC Adjustable dimmable driver

The TCI PSU122412 50W dimmable LED driver features adjustable constant current or constant voltage output and features multiple dimming methods:

  • AC mains input 110 ~ 240vac
  • Dimmable by 1-10v, mains push and DALI
  • Constant current set by DIP switch 350~1050mA
  • Constant voltage set by DIP switch 48v
  • Active Power Factor correction
  • Short circuit / Over current protection

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