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Character COG

Character COG


Chip-On-Glass (COG) Displays are available in both character and graphics formats. The driver chip is bonded directly to the glass, and it is possible to connect many more common and segment lines to the LCD than with conventional heat seal or zebra strip technology. This allows for a more compact design, offering the benefit of both weight and size savings. Our range of COG displays are available with a choice of backlight colours. Custom and Semi-Custom COG solutions are also available, please contact our office for further details.

Display Format Model No. Dimensions Viewing Area Active Area Dot Pitch Dot Size Driving Method Interface Built-in Controller
    (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (Duty)    
16x2 WO1602B 85x30 76x18 73.81x15.88 0.79x0.97 0.75x0.90 1/16 I2C ST7032i
16x2 WO1602F 72.1x29.6 61x15.1 56.2x11.5 0.60x0.70 0.55x0.65 1/16 6800,SPI, I2C ST7032i
16x2 WO1602G 74.2x25.2 61x15.1 56.2x11.5 0.60x0.70 0.55x0.65 1/16 I2C ST7032i
16x2 WO1602H 62.8x23 51.5x12.2 47.6x9.74 0.53x0.59 0.48x0.54 1/16 I2C ST7032i
16x2 WO1602I 51.2x20.7 40x10 38x8 0.41x0.48 0.36x0.43 1/16 I2C ST7032i
20x2 WO2002A 74.2x25.2 61x15.1 58.5x9.84 0.50x0.59 0.45x0.54 1/16 I2C ST7036i
20x4 WO2004A 74.3x36.4 60.5x22.18 58.5x20.18 0.50x0.59 0.45x0.54 1/33 I2C SSD1803AM1Z
24x2 WO2402A 86.2x24.7 72.3x11.84 70.3x9.84 0.50x0.59 0.45x0.54 1/17 I2C RW1062

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