Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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Many of our customers have found that a custom display can help to differentiate & distinguish their product against competitors. Ergonomic features can further enhance designs & interface, examples include colour coded display segments and custom graphical design.

The Process

The process begins by identifying the preferred dimensions and segment content. We can advise on the most cost-effective overall size. This is generally determined by how many individual displays can be produced on one sheet of “motherglass” as it passes along the production line and can make a significant difference to unit cost.Drawings are then prepared and when approved, prototypes can be produced. Prototypes can then be evaluated and used to test the electronics design and function.Once tested and approved the custom LCD can go into mass production.

Our Role

At Plus Opto our role is to advise and manage the project to ensure that the manufacturer correctly implements the design requirements. We use our expertise to reduce the time taken to arrive at cost effective and attractive display solution taking into account commercial requirements.


In addition to size and segment detail, other options include:

  • TN, STN or FSTN fluid 
  • Extended temperature ranges
  •  Polarizer mode and coloured polarizers (for bar-graphs etc)
  • Display mode - positive / negative

Connector method - to suit your board layout and production processesBacklights - LED, EL and CCFL - are available.Fitted Connectors and Cable Assemblies are available. 

Whilst there is generally no MOQ imposed, the practical production order quantity is 1000pcs. Smaller quantities can be produced at higher unit costs where each project is judged on it’s own merit. All custom modules are supplied complete with drive electronics and backlights. Again these may be customised to specification.The next logical step is a turnkey display assembly- please contact us for details.Custom chip-on-glass and chip-on-flex are both available for custom module projects - we can also advise on how to use these to reduce your unit cost and speed production assembly.