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Using the latest materials and production techniques, LED chip efficiency continues to increase, facilitating new products with high intensity light output and low energy consumption. LED technology is widely adopted in lighting schemes with the benefits of low power consumption, low heat generation and long lifetimes. These products offer a high quality, reliable lighting solution reducing energy and maintenance costs. A range of standard replacement products in a spectrum of colours allows the retrofit and replacement of existing lamps. In addition we offer a standard range of fittings along with a custom design service for specific applications.

Flexible LED Strip

Also termed as LED tape or LED ribbon, our extensive range of low voltage flexible LED strips are designed for decorative and professional lighting applications. Strip may be specified in a choice of colours, LED emitter densities and IP ratings and includes colour tuneable, bendable and Pixel addressable.

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    Linear Lighting

    We offer an extensive range of linear LED fittings and aluminium profiles designed for a wide range of lighting applications. A choice of extrusions, light sources, optics and drive solutions facilitate creative lighting schemes. 

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    Flexible LED Light Sheet

    Designed as an LED light panel for back lighting of surfaces and Lightboxes, we offer a range of flexible LED light sheets comprising of a grid array of  LED emitters. A bright & even surface illumination is achieved from the thin panel with a choice of white colour temperature, tuneable white and multi-colour. Sheets may be connected together in x, y configuration to produce large surface areas. Applications include showroom, retail and surface lighting.

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      LED Modules

      Using the latest generation of high efficient LED emitters we offer a range of LED chain modules designed for channel letter backlighting & signage applications. Options include: Low, mid and high power ratings, waterproof, choice of white colour temperature & RGB Our design team supports custom designs and a choice of connection.

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      LED Modules selector guide PDF

      Rigid LED Strip & LED Light Engines

      From our extensive range of LED emitters we offer a wide range of rigid LED strips and linear light engines for lighting applications. Options include: Discrete through-hole LEDs, Surface mount emitters with a choice of low, mid or high power types, constant current & constant voltage. A choice of densities & colours/colour temperatures along with RGB, RGBW and RGBW and RGB+CT

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      LED Downlights

      Our comprehensive range of LED down lights are designed as replacements for traditional incandescent lighting reducing energy costs. Incorporating the latest LED technology to maximise performance, light output and lifetimes, the range encompasses miniature types from 3W to  larger high flux fittings up to 60W.

      3-8W Downlights9-60W Downlights7-50W COB Downlights

      Downlights Selector Guide PDF

      COB Downlights Selector Guide PDF

      LED Light Panels

      Our range of LED light panels are designed to replace modular fluorescent trays, in suspended ceiling grid lighting systems. The panels are easily fitted and are offered in both slim edgelit and high output backlit type construction. The panels are fully certified for electrical safety, emissions and flammability to EN specifications.

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      LED Lighting Products PDF

      Emergency Lighting

      Emergency Lighting packs support our range of LED lighting products. In the event of mains supply failure the emergency pack automatically switches in to provide illumination. The output current is automatically adjusted to the luminaire from the battery pack.

      Emergency Lighting Products

      Bulkhead Luminaires

      We offer a range of Non-corrosive LED bulkhead luminaires for commercial and industrial lighting applications. Types include circular and square surface mount fittings and linear types to replace existing fluorescent NCF fittings.

      Bulkhead Lighting Products

      LED Spotlights

      We offer a comprehensive range of LED spotlights incorporating the latest LED technology to maximise performance, light output and lifetimes. The range encompasses power ratings from 5W to 360W in a variety of housing styles for indoor and outdoor installations.

      Full Colour RGB+CT spotlights PDF

      High Bay LED Fittings

      We offer a range of LED fixtures suitable for high or low bay illumination in industrial and commercial applications. Power ratings range from 40 W to 280W with custom units available up to 600W. Types include:

      • Linear High Power
      • Modular
      • Circular "can" style or UFO

      Lamp Replacement

      We offer a wide range of options for the replacement of existing traditional filament lamp light sources including direct lamp replacement with LED alternatives and bespoke solutions. Standard lamp replacements include: GLS types in a range of lamp caps, MR16 low voltage spotlights, GU 10 mains spotlights and Industrial (corn) lamps.

      LED Floodlights

      Our range of LED floodlights are designed as low energy solutions for traditional incandescent light sources. Products incoporate the latest LED technology to maximise performance, light output and lifetimes.

      The range encompasses power ratings from 10W to 200W in a variety of housing styles for indoor and outdoor installations. Options include:

      • Standard, economy COB series
      • Precision floodlights with integral optics
      • Multi-colour + CCT versions
      • Low energy consumption
      • Zero maintenance
      • Choice of colour temperatures
      • Suitable for indoor and outdoor application
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