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Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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Surface Mount LEDs (SMD) offer a compact form and function with no wires allowing a seamless integration with the PCB. Surface Mount LEDs are broadly categorised into 3 types relating to the power: Low Power, Mid Power and High Power along with Chip-On-Board (COB) types. The component industry has standardised packages and footprints for compatibility between manufacturers and ease of PCB layout, thermal considerations and optical performance. 

Low Power SMD

Suited for indication, backlighting and general lighting applications, low power LEDs can be configured in high density arrays to create a low glare uniform light source. With high efficiencies and good colour consistency we offer chip type and PLCC packages in mono-colour, white and RGB/W. Industry standard outlines include 3014, 3020, 4014, 3528 , 2835, 5050 and side emit.

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Mid Power SMD

We offer an extensive range of mid power LEDs in a choice of packages & performance levels from  leading technology manufacturers. The range includes mono-colour, white, RGB and RGBW emitters with high efficacy, colour consistency and reliability. Devices are offered with LM80 approval and ANSI binning. Applications include light engines and arrays for area lighting and retrofit lamp applications.

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High Power SMD

At the forefront of new and exciting lighting designs our range of high power LEDs are capable of handling drive currents up to 1.4A with appropriate thermal management. These energy efficient devices are available in a spectrum of mono-colours, white and 3-chip RGB configuration for full colour emission. We offer a variety of different packages and lens options to meet directivity requirements.

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Multi-colour RGB, RGBW & RGB+CT

Our range of multi-colour LEDs incorporate multichip emitters in a single PLCC package facilitating colour mixing. 3-chip RGB, 4-chip RGBW and 5-chip RGBWW. Features include low power consumption and wide angle of emission. Options include integrated driver IC for SPI addressable function. Compatible with IR reflow processes.

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Chip On Board (COB)

We offer a range of lighting class multi-chip COB LED emitters ranging from 4W to 100W developed to provide highly flexible LED drive conditions over a wide range of luminous flux outputs. Features include: High flux output, high efficiency up to 190lm/W, high CRI and low thermal resistance. A choice of colour temperatures is available.

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