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Also termed as LED tape or LED ribbon, we offer an extensive range of low voltage flexible LED strips & sheets for decorative and professional lighting applications. Flexible strip may be specified in a choice of colours, LED emitter package outline, density and IP ratings. Configurations are based on 12V or 24VDC operating voltage with power ratings from 3.8W/m up to 22W/m. Extended options include high CRI, high R9, colour tuneable, bendable and Pixel Addressable Digital LED Strip. Protection from moisture & water meet  IP62, IP65, IP67 and IP68 standards and for fixing, genuine 3M adhesive tape is standard to ensure reliable adhesion for environments & applications where a strong bond is required. We also offer a range of Rigid LED Strips and LED bars. Products are also supported by a range of Aluminium profiles, Connectors, Power supplies, LED Drivers and Controllers.

Mono-Colour Flexible LED Strip

From a wide choice of LED emitter types we offer an extensive  range of mono-colour flexible LED strip in a choice of colours, densities and configurations. Options include:

  • 12V or 24VDC operating voltage
  • Low density: 30 LEDs/metre
  • Medium density: 60 LEDs/metre
  • High density: 120 LEDs/metre
  • Very high density: 240 LEDs/metre
  • Ultra high density: 420 LEDs/metre
  • Operating voltage: 12V or 24VDC
  • IP ratings: IP20, IP62, IP65, IP67 & IP68
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IP Ratings for Flexible LED Strip PDF

Multi-Colour Flexible LED Strip

We offer a wide choice of multi-colour LED strips for professional and decorative lighting applications in a range of densities. Choice of LED emitters includes:

  • 12V or 24VDC operating voltage
  • 3535 RGB miniature outline
  • 5050 (3-in-1) for RGB 
  • 5050 (4-in-1) for RGBW
  • 5050 (5-in-1) for RGBWY
  • 5050 (5-in-1) for RGBW+CT
  • Operating voltage:12V or 24VDC
  • IP ratings: IP20,  IP62, IP65, IP67 & IP68
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Pixel Addressable Flexible LED Strip

To create dynamic lighting effects in a wide range of lighting schemes the PFA series pixel addressable flexible LED strip offers a choice of configurations. External or integrated SPI LED drivers can be specified allowing each  LED pixel to be addressed individually. The SPI protocol facilitates a simple interface to a wide range of LED controllers. 

  • Operating voltage: 5V or 12VDC
  • SPI 2 or 3 wire data protocol
  • 5050, 3535 package external or internal driver IC
  • Mono or multi-colour
  • Choice of LED density
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CT Colour Temperature Tuneable

Offering control and adjustment of the intensity and shade of white in lighting applications we offer colour temperature (CT) tuneable flexible LED strips using selected white emitters configured in 2-channels. A choice of LED emitter types, power ratings and LED density is available

  • Choice of LED Emitter
  • Single LED emitters or integrated 2-in-1
  • Choice of LED density
  • Choice of operating voltage
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Flexible Strip Bespoke Cutting service

Many lighting projects require specific LED strip configurations and to facilitate ease of installation we offer a bespoke cutting service. Strips may be cut to length and terminated with a number of connection options. 

  • Choice of flexible LED strip
  • Choice of termination style
  • Choice of connectors
  • Compatible with our drivers & controllers
  • Choice of LED density
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Bendable LED Strip

For specific projects we offer flexible LED strip for special applications. A range of options are available along with custom design strips configured to customers applications. Products are supported with a range of drivers & controllers.

  • Bendable
  • Side emit
  • Food illumination
  • White CCT tuneable
  • Dim to warm
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Neon Flexible Strip

Also termed as Neon Flex, we offer a range of Flexible Neon LED Strip to provide a rugged solution for linear lighting applications. Designed as an upgrade alternative to traditional glass neon, the construction is resistant to abrasion, chemicals & salt water. The silicone diffusion produces a smooth even illumination with no spotting.

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UV-C Flexible LED Strip

Designed for disinfection, chemical and biological analysis we offer Flexible LED strip with UV-C wavelength emission.
Note that UV-C light is harmful to the naked eye of both humans and animals and appropriate safety precautions must be taken.

  • Low input voltage 24VDC
  • UV-C wavelength 265 - 278nm
  • 12 LEDs/metre
  • 3.0W/metre
  • Compatible with our drivers & controllers
  • Choice of LED density

Flexible LED Sheet

Also termed as LED Light Sheet or LED light paper, we offer flexible, cuttable, low voltage LED matrix sheet for area illumination and backlighting applications. LED Light Sheets may be connected together to produce large area illumination surfaces. Based on 12V or 24VDC operating voltage, options include pixel addressable and moisture / waterproof  versions to IP62, IP65 standards.

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