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Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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DMX Controllers

We offer a number of DMX controllers designed to interface with DMX decoders and drivers for to provide dynamic addresssable control of LED products.

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DMX Decoders

DMX decoders allow DMX512 input signals to be converted into analog, SPI or PWM output to facilitate the control and drive of LED fixtures & fittings. This extensive range encompasses multi-channel outputs in Constant Current or Constant voltage mode or SPI output.

  • Low voltage Input 12-48VDC
  • 1-channel to 40-channel outputs
  • DMX 512 input
  • PWM output
  • Constant current or Constant voltage output
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DMX Drivers

Our range of DMX dimmable LED drivers feature AC mains input & DMX for control of low voltage lighting.  Types include constant voltage and constant current PWM output with short circuit, over heat and overload protection.

  • Input 100-240VAC
  • Single and dual channel
  • 0-100% wide dimming range
  • Flicker free
  • Compliant with SELV standard
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