Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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Chip on Glass structure  gives a lower cost module with smaller footprint than Chip On Board. The range is constantly increasing with new products regularly being added to the portfolio.

  • 48x64 resolution 0.49" to 128x64  2.7" diagonal
  • 256x64 resolution
  • Colour options
  • On-board controllers
  • Serial & parallel interfaces 

OLED COG Selector Guide PDF


Chip on Flex (COF) compact OLED modules are ultra thin and light and feature low power consumption which is ideal for handheld instruments etc. where space is at a premium.

  • 2.8" to 5.5" diagonal 
  • 256x64 resolution
  • Colour options
  • On-board controllers
  • Serial & parallel interfaces 

OLED COF Selector Guide PDF


Chip On Board (COB) OLEDs offer the convenience of the module and  controller IC mounted on the PCB. The graphic OLED displays include parallel, and serial interfaces.  The standard colour is yellow, with optional green, red, blue (or skyblue) and white available.

  • 2.37" Graphic resolutions from 100x8
  • 4.9" Graphic resolution from 200x16 
  • Voltages 3V or5VDC depending on colour/resolution
  • Colour options
  • On-board controllers
  • Serial & parallel interfaces 

OLED COB Selector Guide PDF

Dual Colour OLED

We now offer a range of dual colour
OLED displays from Winstar in COG with Yellow / Sky Blue colour built-in SSD1306 IC. The Monochrome equivalent display is WEO012864D.

  • COG display 0.96"
  • Dimensions 26.7 x 19.26 mm
  • Active area 21.744 x 11.204 mm
  • Pixel size 0.148 x 0.148 mm. 
  • Pixel Pitch 0.17 x 0.17 
  • Operating temperature -40°C +80°C
  • Storage temperatures -40°C +80°C
  • Serial & parallel interfaces 

Full Colour OLED

We now offer a range of full colour PMOLED displays. These small modules add individuality to small handheld devices and are addressable in 8-16bit MCU, or SPI protocols.       

  • Sizes 0.88" to 1.84"
  • Resolution 128x36 to 160x128
  • 260k or 65k colours
  • Pixel
  • Pixel P
  • Operating
  • Storage

Circular OLED

The WEO128128B circular passive matrix COG OLED display module has built in SSD1327ZB controller IC and communicates via 6800/8080 , I2C and 4-wire SPI serial interface. The module is ultra thin & requires no backlight (self emitting) and is suitable for portable instruments, wearable devices, home applications, etc.

  • COG display diameter 1.18"
  • Resolution128x128 pixels
  • Dimensions 37.18×41.23×2.05 mm
  • Active area 30.00×30.00 mm
  • Drive 3VDC 
  • Low power consumption
  • Storage temperatures -40°C +80°C
  • Duty cycle 1/64
Display Format Picture Model No. Size (inch) Outline Dimension (mm) Thickness (mm) Active Area (mm) Interface Voltage Built-in Controller Colours Connection
256x64 WEX025664A 2.8 84 x 25.8 2.05 69.098 x 17.258 6800, 8080, SPI 3V SSD1322UR1 White/Yellow/Sky Blue/ Green/Support Grayscale ZIF/FPC
256x64 WEX025664B 3.12 88 x 27.8 2.05 76.778 x 19.178 6800, 8080, SPI 3V SSD1322UR1 White/Yellow/Amber/Sky Blue/Green/Support Grayscale ZIF/FPC
256x64 WEX025664D 5.5 146 x 45 2.05 135.65 x 33.89 6800, 8080, SPI 3V SSD1322UR1 Yellow/Green/Support Grayscale ZIF/FPC